The Thought of Pure Bliss

Did you know?  Oh. You didn’t?  Good.  So that means you have the opportunity to learn something new.  Wait.  Don’t get defensive.  Just be enlightened.  Admit it.  It feels good to not have all the answers.  I’m talking about life…. Don’t go looking for trouble.  Stay in your lane  and whatever comes your way,  Whatever […]

Accepting (Change)

In the back of your head, You always had this image Of things panned out perfectly. The way you want them. Everything just works. All the people in this image, Your job, Your family, All these things play a beautiful role in your life, And you see yourself 100% happy. Then you open your eyes, […]

A Cluttered Mind

Thoughts racing. You’re not HERE mentally, Because your mind is in 10 other places. Thinking of the shit that just went down yesterday, …How you should have done “this”… …You could have said “that” to get a different outcome… …It would have been so much better if… …you would have done it the “other way”… […]

The Appreciation

When it comes to appreciation, what are some things that you appreciate? Make a list. The pillow/bed you have to lay your head on? The shoes you have on your feet? The food you are able to pull out of your refrigerator? The family you have around you that will always be there? Do you […]

The Thunderstorm

When it storms outside, I could sit and listen to it all night– The way it hits the window, Calms my soul. It makes me want to curl up in a blanket, Drink something warm, And just lay there– Content. The heavy storms Never last too long. It seems like they come and go. When […]

Alone or Accompanied

Have you ever felt like you were alone? Not physically, but mentally? I feel like a lot of us fall victim to, wanting someone to be by our side to witness and experience life itself, with us. At least I do. I get lost and forget about the beauty in being alone. Lately, I’ve found […]

Tasty Tantilizing Temptations

Have you ever found yourself fighting temptation? Wanting something so bad, but you know damn well it’s not good for you? It’s like you’re on a strict diet, only eating salads and cashews, then you see this bomb a** piece of chocolate cake, just looking all good and scrumptious. You think to yourself, “Is it […]