A Cluttered Mind

Thoughts racing.

You’re not HERE mentally,

Because your mind is in 10 other places.

Thinking of the shit that just went down yesterday,

…How you should have done “this”…

…You could have said “that” to get a different outcome…

…It would have been so much better if…

…you would have done it the “other way”…

…Thoughts of the past you thought you got rid of,

Coming back…

Your mind is just racing all over.

You feel confused,


And alone,


Even when you try to talk to anyone

And explain to them what you’re feeling,

It seems like they never understand.

And you’re tired of going to people who are just listening

To keep looking at you like you’re crazy.

So now you find yourself asking,

What can I do to get these thoughts to go away?


What can I do to change the way I am feeling?


Check yourself.

Anything you are doing that can be changed,

Change it.

Your attitude and turning your negatives into positives.

All of a sudden you find yourself doing things you

Never thought would be done alone.

Like going to the gym.

Just running on the treadmill

Makes you feel like you are running away from your problems,

Getting away for a good 20 minutes.

Your mind feels relieved

While your legs feel like jello.

Eating lighter,

because the salad doesn’t weigh you down and make you feel

Like your day is over at 1pm.

Finding a good book to read.

One that keeps you motivated

And ready to make your next power move.

Baby steps to ways of clearing



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