Accepting (Change)

In the back of your head,

You always had this image

Of things panned out perfectly.

The way you want them.

Everything just works.

All the people in this image,

Your job,

Your family,

All these things

play a beautiful role in your life,

And you see yourself 100% happy.

Then you open your eyes,

And everything is the complete opposite.

It’s just staring you in the face.

Waiting for you to make a move,

Waiting for you to respond.

You’re stuck.

Between crying because you want

What you want,


facing Change.

Flat out

Dealing with it,

Like a 21-year-old needs to do.

You can’t just run from it anymore,

You can’t throw a fit,


Deal with it.

You thought,



And prayed for

Certain situations

And people to be the way you

Wanted them to be.

Next thing you know

You’re giving yourself a pep talk.

Get over it,

It is what it is,

You’ll be fine.

You got this far,

So just keep going,

And roll with it.

Everything that is happening



For your good


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