Alone or Accompanied

Have you ever felt like you were alone? Not physically, but mentally? I feel like a lot of us fall victim to, wanting someone to be by our side to witness and experience life itself, with us. At least I do. I get lost and forget about the beauty in being alone. Lately, I’ve found that when I’m alone, I get to know more about Tamisha! What she likes, what makes her mad, what makes her sad, the things she likes to do on her free time, things that interest her etc.

I was quickly able to swap that feeling of being alone, to being accompanied. You don’t NEED another being, around you just to validate the fact that you’re doing what’s good for you. In the space that I am in now, I don’t have to worry about hurting anyone, or their feelings because I am enjoying my space, protecting it, weeding out all the bad energy, and keeping the positive near me. If you have ever stopped yourself and questioned if being alone is a bad thing, I’m here to tell you that it’s not what so ever. Stop and look around. Maybe the time you have “alone” is time that you can use to maximize your strengths. Find what make you happy, and chase just that. You aren’t missing anything. Everything that is happening at this very moment, is for your good…  #mbm #stayfocusedonthegood


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