Tasty Tantilizing Temptations

Have you ever found yourself fighting temptation? Wanting something so bad, but you know damn well it’s not good for you? It’s like you’re on a strict diet, only eating salads and cashews, then you see this bomb a** piece of chocolate cake, just looking all good and scrumptious. You think to yourself, “Is it worth the calories, or should I chill? How will I benefit from eating this chocolatey piece of goodness?’ Most likely, if I bite into this, I’m going to end up playing myself. Next thing you know you’ll be gaining weight in all the wrong places.

BASICALLY, all I’m saying is, when you have that urge to go to the mall and splurge, knowing you’re facing a strict budget, or when it’s late and you’ve had a few drinks, tempted to make that phone call you know you are going to regret at 10 o’clock the next morning, or even when you’ve stayed up too late bs’ing and you have a 9AM meeting for work, just narrow your focus and remind yourself of what it is you’re fighting for. Remind yourself of the risks you’re about to take by submitting to the temptations. Keep in mind that you falling  into these enticing situations is only hurting you. By doing so, you could be taking 3 steps backward, when the blessing you’ve been waiting for is one step ahead!

So when that piece of chicken is appealing to you while you’re on that low carb diet, just remember the 120 calories you’ll be saving yourself by not eating the golden, crispy chicken wing.

Keep this in mind…….


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