The Appreciation

When it comes to appreciation, what are some things that you appreciate?
Make a list.
The pillow/bed you have to lay your head on?
The shoes you have on your feet?
The food you are able to pull out of your refrigerator?
The family you have around you that will always be there?
Do you appreciate the things from your past that may not have went
the way you planned, but made you the person you are today?

Good and bad.
Sometimes, it becomes easy to focus on the things that didn’t go as planned, or how you wish they would have gone and so on.
But when you just take a second to realize that,
What happened was never a mistake, it didn’t happen for you to stay stuck on stupid.
It happened for a reason!
It’s now your job to figure out what it is that you take from that lesson.
You take that lesson, let it process, go through the emotions, and FEEL it.
Let it happen then let it go.
You can then genuinely appreciate the process.
From all the smiles, all the laughter, all the good vibes, all the time not wasted but shared.
To all the tears, the heartache, and the misunderstanding.
The whirl of emotions that you go through is necessary to get you
ready for what is to come.
The quicker you are able to grasp the concept,
The sooner things will begin to make sense.
Be ok with it, and still live your life.
Make a way for yourself and understand that with or without…
You will be ok.
But don’t try to cheat the system by pretending–
Only because you are fooling no one but yourself.
Be real. Be you. No apologies, no faking.
When you are real with yourself, the right things and people will gravitate towards you.
So I’m here to tell you to let the hurt go.
Let your process happen.
Let it get the best of you.
But just for a moment,
Don’t let the enemy believe that he’s gotten the best of you.
This is not where your story ends.
It is just beginning!


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