When it storms outside,
I could sit and listen to it all night–
The way it hits the window,
Calms my soul.
It makes me want to curl up in a blanket,
Drink something warm,
And just lay there–

The heavy storms
Never last too long.
It seems like they come and go.
When it showers, it can go on for a few hours,
But that still is not horrible.

The sound of the loud crack in the sky
tends to scare some people.
You don’t know how bad it can get
Until you are physically
Stuck forced to watch
The storm go by.
The sight of the lightning strike–
You don’t know where it hit,
If it hit,
But it looks pretty dope.
You can feel the ground shake a little
From the thunder in the sky.
The smell of the rain can be kind of funky
But it drifts away after a few hours as well.

I am not only rambling about
This thunderstorm
Because I love it but
To break something down for you.

Storms can be used to show you
A number of things.

In life, you go through storms–
Some more tragic than others.
In those storms,
You should be able to
Learn something.

First and foremost,
Whatever you are going through
That you may consider your storm
Is not going to last forever.
It may seem like there is no way out
Or like you don’t know what’s going to happen,
Or how,
But it is ok to not always know.
Just let it happen.
You should know that you will always come out of
It better and stronger than you were before this
Particular storm.

Once that storm passes,

Don’t hold on to it longer than necessary.
It’s not doing anything
But hurting you.
It may not seem like it is, but your body knows when
It is stressed out,
And will react in different ways
If you pay attention.

Don’t allow these storms to tear you apart,
Don’t allow it to change who you are destined to be
And lastly, don’t allow it to take you out of your character.
The enemy would love to see you bummed out.

But Nah, we ain’t on ‘nat


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