The Thought of Pure Bliss

Did you know? 
Oh. You didn’t? 


So that means you have the opportunity to learn something new. 


Don’t get defensive. 

Just be enlightened. 

Admit it. 

It feels good to not have all the answers. 

I’m talking about life….

Don’t go looking for trouble. 

Stay in your lane 

and whatever comes your way, 

Whatever seems to just stick,

It’s good to you,

Encourages your life,

The energy is still vibing…

keep that to you. 

It’s yours! 

But don’t think too much on the way.

Be careful of where you allow your thoughts to take you.

If anything at all,

Let them take you to a place that is so peaceful, 

You’re unbothered. 

Not in a bitchy way, 

But you’re simply

At peace with the sweet thought of it.


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