Fly On

A girl in her 20s, developing into the woman she is meant to be, is similar to a caterpillar growing into a butterfly. In the first stage of a butterfly, it starts out as a small egg.
Turning 20 is a significant birthday for a young lady. This is a milestone and it is just the beginning.

Every egg is different and it depends upon the butterfly that laid the egg. All of us women are diverse in special ways with distinctive backgrounds.

As small as it starts out, you can visually see the caterpillar inside the egg, growing. Everyone can see how much a girl is changing on the outside. She may be getting taller, her hair may be different or her ass might be growing. The point is, she’s not the same as she used to be.

The second stage is when the egg hatches. The caterpillar will start her work; she will eat and eat so that she can grow quickly. Once a female knows what she wants and will not settle for anything less, she will work and work hard for everything she’s ever dreamt of. She’ll do what it takes to get/keep her mental intact.

As she begins to expand, the caterpillar starts “molting”, which is to shed several times a day. As a lady, you start recognizing what and who is helping you become a strong woman. If you feel like it’s not helping you, 9/10 it’s killing you. All the unnecessary begins to fall away. Jobs, people, relationships, etc. you start to realize what is good for your mental, emotion, and physical health.

As soon as the caterpillar is done growing from the outside, it looks like it’s resting but the inside is where all the action is happening. The caterpillar is rapidly changing, so now she is ready for the next stage. Which is becoming an adult butterfly. She will pump blood into her wings in order to get them flapping. Within a few hours, the butterfly will master flying.

As a young lady, you aren’t afraid anymore. You’ve become so strong mentally that nothing can stop you. The fears you had in the past can’t faze you. The thoughts of self doubt that drove you crazy are now gone. The people who didn’t care to stick around in your life, no longer matter. The jobs that fell through keep you driven. All of this, simply because you have gained so much self love and self contentment that you believe in the woman you are destined to be!

Fly On!


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