Jewels Under Presure

I’ve heard before that when you are feeling pressure from different angles of your life, that it can feel similar to the pressure it takes to make a diamond. Most diamonds are formed at high heat, high-pressure at 725,000 pounds. There are all types of shapes, sizes, and they’re all special in their own way. […]

The Power of Vulnerability

When you think of vulnerability, what comes to mind? Do you get afraid? Or are you the type of person who can be completely honest about what you’re thinking/feeling? The word means to be susceptible to physical or emotional attack or harm. Well, I’m not going to hold you, I used to be that person […]

Straight Faith, No Chaser

Have you ever experienced times when you didn’t know if you’ll make it through? Or you got this feeling that maybe all of your hard work won’t pay off.  Like no matter how hard you work, or how much time you spend trying to perfect your craft, that things just aren’t coming together. When you […]

That Comfy Cozy Spot

What makes you feel the most comfortable? The shoes you have on your feet? The thought alone of having a bed and a home to call your own? I find myself asking this question a lot lately, finding a lot of different things that have made me feel comfortable and I didn’t realize it until […]


What is beauty? How you define this word says more about your image of yourself than how you perceive others.  To me, in order to be truly beautiful, it takes more than just what’s on the surface. Step back and take a look into your soul, your true inner essence. What do people feel when […]